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Fido Bags and other pet supplies help Daisy Mountain Fire Department save pets’ lives


Elizabeth Medora

NORTH VALLEY – The Daisy Mountain Fire Department is known for saving lives – both the lives of people and the lives of animals. If at all possible, DMFD crews work to save the lives of pets in all kinds of emergency situations, including fires, car accidents, and flooding.

The Fetch Foundation is assisting Daisy Mountain Fire in their life-saving efforts. Each DMFD engine is equipped with a Fido Bag, provided by The Fetch Foundation. These kits contain life-saving equipment for pets, including an oxygen mask created especially for animals. The kits also include leashes, a water bowl, a soft carrying case for cats, and more.

On May 19, Daisy Mountain Fire Station #145 displayed the contents of the Fido Bag and invited a very special north valley dog over to visit the crew. Gertie, a 14-year-old rescued senior dog, has her very own Facebook page: 1,000 Hugs For Gertie, and she’s seeking 1,000 hugs from friends around the Valley. She got to add to her hug total when she visited the fire station with her mom.

Jack, a spaniel puppy being trained by The Fetch Foundation as a therapy dog, also came to visit the fire station, along with Gail Buch, who is a Fetch Foundation Board member and volunteer.

Buch noted that since 2009, The Fetch Foundation has provided over 1,000 Fido Bags to first responders across the United States and in Canada. Organizations can sponsor Fido Bags to help support the program.

Anthem Pets representatives also came by fire station #145 on May 19; Anthem Pets has provided each fire station with pet necessities so that crews can hold a pet short-term if needed. If a patient needing to be transported from an emergency scene has a pet with them, paramedics can bring the animal to the fire station and hold in an Anthem Pets-provided kennel until a friend or family member can pick the pet up. Anthem Pets also helps arrange foster families for pets in emergency situations. Each station is equipped with collars, leashes, water bowls, and a kennel for these kinds of emergencies.

DMFD Community Services Program Coordinator Paul Schickel noted that thanks to these pet rescue organizations, DMFD stations have everything on-hand that “we need to support an animal short-term.”

Schickel has personally used the equipment in the Fido Bags, and he’s seen a variety of animals, including lost pets, wind up at the fire station. With the support of local pet rescues, firefighters are able to help save pets’ lives, and, in the process, provide comfort and peace of mind to the pet owners.

Thank you to the Daisy Mountain Fire Department for helping keep the community safe – and extending that kindness and care to pets, too.

Learn more about the work of The Fetch Foundation at and see more about local pet rescue Anthem Pets at