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Vintage Today


Shea Stanfield
Arts Columnist

“There’s a vintage which comes with age and experience.” ~ Jon Bon Jovi

Aged, vintage, and vast experience show up in the color schemes and masterful painting techniques of local artist Pat O’Brien. Images of antique trucks, station-wagons, taxis, and mechanical equipment are rendered in painstaking detail with a nostalgic eye for “yesteryear” craftsmanship. Each piece in her Lowell, Arizona series is delightfully reminiscent of times-gone-by.

Pat was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her father was a want-to-be architect/craftsman and her mother had a keen eye for design and color. The two influences are very evident in Pat’s vast body of work today, as well as her creations in grade school when she first won “very positive feedback” on her artistic talent. Taking this praise seriously, Pat went on to earn her BFA from the University of Cincinnati, DAAP-Art Education program and a Masters from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, graduating as an Outstanding Art Student, Award Honor Student. She entered her career, as a high school and community college art teacher, soon after graduation. Now, over 30 years later, she now has time to focus first, on her own art.

Today, Pat works from her home studio, which is a new addition to her home. Now her passion is exploring the west, taking in the magnificent landscapes, and the nuances of ranch life, the elegantly crafted equipment, weathered out buildings, and most captivating of all, the horses. Pat would say, “I am on the move. What you see me painting now, may not be what I am painting in 6 months.” But right now, Pat has a collection of awe-inspiring pieces centered around life on the western ranch. Her painting series of “work horses” reminds us how valuable our partnership with the horse is to running a successful western ranch. Pat’s work is a valuable contribution to the preservation of that honored history and present traditions.

Always on the go contributing to her community and art peers, Pat belongs to a number of art leagues and clubs; the Sonoran Arts League, the Arizona Art Alliance are two of her local groups. She exhibits her work in the Hidden in the Hills Artist Studio Tour, the Small Works show in Cave Creek, and the Anthem Civic Building, as well as the Surprise Civic Building. Her shows also include works in the Peoria Art Scho, the Tubac Art Center and many others. Pat has a complete list of her major exhibits, gallery representations, awards, and honors listed on her website resume. Pat invites you to visit her website at to view a selection of her work, contact her for a commission, to purchase a painting, and to see a complete list of exhibits, awards, honors, as well as her current exhibit schedule.

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