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Color Can Interfere with Our Concepts

Shea Stanfield~ 6/12/2015

Abstract expressionist artist Georges Braque once observed, “Color can give rise to sensations which would interfere with our conception of space.” Such is the case with local artist Cecilia Colton’s vibrant, energetic, and spell-binding canvases. From the beginning, Cecilia was an abstract artist. Her first paint experience was even before she attended school, with cups of colored finger paints and a large white sheet of butcher paper spread across the floor. Her dad, a successful, well-known artist and sculptor always told her to express herself: “Pour your passion into the paint, and the rest will take care of itself.”

Just as Joni Mitchell sings about “living in a box of paints,” Cecilia has taken the concept to heart as well, studying the work of her own artistic heroes, Pablo Picasso, Frank Bowling, Elaine Fried de Kooning, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and our own beloved Andy Warhol. Always expressive, bold, adventurous, and fearless, Cecilia has made abstract style her creative home. Growing up in Monaca, Pennsylvania in what she describes as an “idyllic setting” where horses, deer, pheasants, and peacocks roamed the family property,” everything became an inspiration for shapes in color for abstract impressionist style.

Cecilia’s formal training in art took place in numerous art classes at Carnegie Tech in Pittsburg, where one of her heroes, Andy Warhol, studied, as well. She eventually completed a degree in Business. Cecilia was also influenced by her mom, an interior decorator, who taught her daughter the magic of color in concert with shapes and texture. Cecilia is currently enrolled at the New York School of Art and Design, finishing her Interior Design degree.

Cecilia paints everyday in her studio filled with great light and music. Weather permitting; she also enjoys painting “plein aire” inspired by the natural world. 

Cecilia shares, much of the time if she “thinks, hears, or sees it,” the “it” ends up in the painting she is working on. Her work has been seen in shows in Pennsylvania, New York, and now at the El Pedregal Art Gallery at the Boulders. She is active in the community participating in Artists Forums and donating her work to raise funds for a good cause. She also gets together with several artist friends for painting parties, which are extremely effecting in motivating, sharing, and creating on a cooperative level. 

Cecilia is moving into the realm of experimenting with mixed mediums. As she would describe it, “I love the dimension and affects in producing work with ink, acrylics, and oils. I am drawn to the intensity of the color and the healing qualities it possesses.” She is also excited about expanding her business in the coming year and working on more than a few commission pieces. To view Cecilia Colton’s work or to obtain contact information, visit her Web site:

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