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No injuries reported from natural gas leak


NEW RIVER – A natural gas leak was reported in an Arroyo Norte home on June 2, around noon. Daisy Mountain Fire Department quickly responded to the call, and the gas leak did not cause any injuries.

“Daisy Mountain Fire Department units were dispatched for a natural gas leak,” said DMFD Captain Dave Wilson. “Upon arrival, units confirmed that in fact there was a leak. The leak was quickly mitigated, and no injuries were reported.”  

Residents who think they might have a natural gas leak should leave the area and call 911 immediately. Residents can also call Southwest Gas at 1(877) 860-6020, even if they are not Southwest Gas customers.

Southwest Gas reports that the signs of a natural gas leak include a smell similar to rotten eggs, a hissing or roaring sound from the ground, piping, or a gas appliance, and/or dirt or water blowing into the air, unexplained dead or dying vegetation, and standing water continuously bubbling.

The first call for a suspected gas leak should always be to 911, as first responders can safely determine if there is a leak.