Courtesy of Marcella Baietto
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Anthem teen takes on pageant world

Savannah Tidd~ 6/11/2014

ANTHEM – While most teenagers are relaxing during their summer vacation, Marcella Baietto, junior at Boulder Creek High School, is practicing for the National America Miss Pageant. 
Baietto has been modeling and acting for the past two years, but she will be stepping out of her comfort zone by competing in her first ever pageant the weekend of July 18th at the DoubleTree Paradise Valley Scottsdale hotel. 
She hopes to change her “Toddlers and Tiaras” view of pageants seen on television by experiencing it first-hand. 
Even though she is new to the pageant world, she optimistically prepares by perfecting the different skills the pageant will require.
“I have been practicing my walk and poses, familiarizing myself with the judge's questions, and memorizing my commercial and introduction speeches,” said Baietto. 
Not only does she have to keep up with her training, she has to work two jobs as well to help pay for the pageant. However, Baietto gladly accepts the challenge and easily makes time for each task. 
“I love being busy,” said Baietto. “It makes me feel as if I am accomplishing a ton.” 
A major cross off her checklist would be winning the pageant, and making all of her hard work and organizing worthwhile. 
If Baietto wins the National America Miss Pageant, she will go on to represent the state of Arizona at Nationals in Anaheim, Cali. during Thanksgiving weekend. 
Just participating in the pageant will further her entertainment career, increase her experience, and grow her network of friends and contacts for the future. 
Baietto’s background in modeling and acting has given her confidence and social skills, which help her in her daily life and hopefully will give her an edge in the competition.
Best of luck to Baietto at the pageant.