Diane Sepanski handcrafts jewelry from extraordinary materials.
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Diane Sepanski: Jewelry with a southwest flair

Shea Stanfield~ 6/11/2014

CAVE CREEK – Unbelievable, amazing, wow! were adjectives that hung in the exhibit space as visitors admired the intricately adorned glass and metal clay jewelry. Glass, metal clay, and mixed media artist Diane Sepanski exudes the WOW factor.
Diane has lived her life creating.  From the time she was a small child, she was constructing jewelry pieces from found materials. Some of her early creations were crafted from telephone wire repairmen donated to her cause.  While other children in the neighborhood were selling lemonade, Diane set up a handcrafted jewelry stand. Throughout her school years, she was always top of her art class. Upon completing her senior year of high school, she was awarded the “Outstanding Senior in Art,” with her instructor stating she was confident Diane would go on to really do something with her talent in the future.
After graduation, Diane went to work, married, and began raising her family.  She worked her creative energy into everyday events with the family, designing Halloween costumes, entering sandcastle contests, and putting together school project presentations.  It was not until she and her family moved to Arizona that she began to distinguish herself as an artist. Diane went to work part-time at The Stained Glass Shop in Glendale.  While there, she learned everything she could about working in glass, both two and three-dimensionally. Diane learned to craft wine bottles into custom plates. The concept took off, and she began selling them through festivals, boutique wineries, and private parties. Even with the success of her new business, Diane was constantly discovering new materials and developing new techniques. When she was introduced to metal clay and lampmaking (working glass), her creative life took a dramatic turn. 
Professionally, Diane headed up the Metal Heads Feat of Clay chapter of PMC Guild and work with Fire and Friends Art Studio. Through her involvement with the two organizations, the groups brought in artists from around the country to demonstrate a variety of materials and methods. This was a time when Diane honed her skills and expanded her materials beyond what she originally imagined.
Today, Diane Sepanski is a juried member of the Sonoran Arts League and a participating artist in November’s Hidden in the Hills Studio Tour. She is also a member of the Arizona Society of Glass Bead Makers. Her work with
lampwork glass, metal clay, steel, silver, and found objects have reached epidemic proportions.  In 2013 Diane traveled to Rochester, NY to present one of her concepts to the International Society of Glass Beadmakers. 
Diane’s Southwest surroundings have inspired her work, reflecting the rich colors of the Arizona sunsets, the deep tones of the Sonoran Desert sands, the brilliance of the night sky, and the whimsical shapes of the desert plant life.  Using the flame of her torch, much as a magician uses his magic wand, Diane transforms ordinary materials into uniquely extraordinary jewelry with a Southwest feel.
Diane’s work can be found at Caravana Jewelry at Talaquepaque in Sedona and a new Gallery, Lampwork & Metals Studio, Beyond the Torch (opening in September 2014) at 4200 N. Craftsman Ct in Scottsdale. Diane’s collections can also be seen on her Web site www.dianesepanski.com.  Diane will also be teaching classes in Metal Clay and lampworking at Beyond the Torch.  For information, contact her at glassjunkie@cox.net.