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Dancing in All Dimensions

Shea Stanfield~ 6/3/2015

Artist Micky Jansen hopes to touch you with her art, inspiration, and imagination.

Born in 1949, Micky was raised in Holland and lived in the south of France before moving to Arizona in 1979. She is a mother of four, as well as a passionate horsewoman and naturalist. Her creative inspiration comes from the natural world and changing life experiences. 

Micky savors the high desert evenings during her rides on one of her beloved horses or gathering new ideas hiking with her three dogs. Nature is the inspiration in all her work. Micky is not new to the world of art by any means. She has been painting most of her life. Micky attended the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague in the 1960s with many of Europe’s most successful and well known artists, perfecting her skills in oil and acrylic painting. Over the years, Micky expanded her media into Batik on paper, solar printing, and sculpting as she advanced her art career. Her experience and skills of observation have served her well in developing grace and interest of her present day work.

Micky works from her home studio in the beautiful Rio Verde Foothills, just steps from the Tonto National Forest. She draws inspiration from the sweeping horizons of the great northern Sonoran Desert. Her horses roam freely over the vast landscape, harkening back to the original days of the American West. In meeting Micky, you will find she is a keen observer of the natural world: everything from the dancing dragonflies over her backyard pool to the rumbling thunderheads that fill the summer sky. 

Micky has a unique ability to register the colors, textures, and themes of the natural world, transforming their energy into paintings and sculptural work. Her style is modern, impressionistic, and surrealistic, full of vibrant energy and mystery. The feminine form is central in much of her work. She uses vibrant colors and a mixture of powerful images to create unexpected results that brighten a room, set a mood, and greets observers with mystery and magic. A woman’s hair turns into the colorful leaves of fall, or her feet, moving in the water, briefly appear as a mermaid’s tail. There is a joyous spirit embodied in each one of Micky’s artistic expressions, echoing a living memory of Micky’s varied life experience. 

Micky’s most recent venture is into the world of sculpture. This new third dimension is bringing to life Micky’s paintings to literally stand alone in the environment. She has experimented in iron, aluminum, and is prepared to move into the bronze pour arena. This new and exciting adventure is sure to lead to thrilling results in both her painting and sculpting subjects, another example of how this artist moves and grows with her time and inspiration.

The process of staying engaged in her arts community is a lifeline to new inspiration. Micky sponsors workshops at her home studio for fellow artists on a regular basis. She also attends workshops other artists sponsor to gain new insights in techniques and new materials. Micky is aware that an artist is always growing, changing, and reinventing the dreams of expression. 

Presently, Micky’s work can be seen at Retrofit Gallery and Sculpture Garden and Jackie’s Apparel in Carefree. Visit her Web site at for a retrospective of her past work or stay up to date on current work. You may contact Micky for a home studio tour, to make arrangements to attend a workshop or commission a piece for your home, office, or a gift from the contact information on the Web site.


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