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January hit-and-run leads to murder charges

Elizabeth Medorafont face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif">~ 5/28/2014

PHOENIX – A fatal hit-and-run in north Phoenix on Jan. 25, 2014 has yielded murder charges for the driver.
Twenty-year-old Brittney Nolan allegedly struck and killed 19-year-old Jacob Rice last January in an accident near 27th Avenue and Westland Road in the early hours of the morning. According to accident reports, Nolan said she was driving around trying to find Rice after he got out of her vehicle and was using her cell phone to try to call him when she hit something. Rice was later found by a passerby and was pronounced dead at the scene.
Nolan was originally charged with leaving the scene of an accident and held on a $10,000 bond. Evidence from the accident reconstruction has caused murder charges to be handed down against Nolan, as of April 29.
“This case went to Grand Jury a couple of weeks ago, after the accident reconstruction was complete,” reported Sergeant Trent Crump of the Phoenix Police Department.
“When the case was presented and the driver’s speed was determined to be almost 70 miles an hour in a 35 mile an hour speed zone, the grand jury indicted the defendant on second degree murder charges.”
Specific intent on Nolan’s part is not being alleged; the murder charge stems from a basis of recklessness.
“Second degree murder contains an element of recklessness,” said Crump, noting that the police are not alleging that Nolan intended to hit Rice.
“Because of the indictment, we will let this play out in court from this point forward,” added Crump.
Nolan’s trial date has not been publicly announced.