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BLM Arizona receives grants to hire youth

Staff Report~ 5/28/2014

PHOENIX – The Bureau of Land Management in Arizona is receiving three grants totaling $581,368 that will go to hire young people and veterans to work on public lands managed by the BLM Phoenix and Gila districts. 

Projects are being funded through a competitive grant matching program launched in December 2011 in conjunction with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. In addition to providing work for youth, the grants facilitate volunteer opportunities for youth and adult mentors.

Locally, BLM is hiring eight youth and two crew leaders for the BLM Phoenix District Field School, a 16-week program that educates and trains under-served youth, while the students earn occupational certificates and college credit. During their employment, the youth will build about 1,000 feet of new hiking trails around Phoenix, rebuild 1,300 feet of existing trails, improve deer habitat by removing 3,350 feet of fence, enhance the BLM Sonoran Desert National Monument by clearing debris, conduct official bird surveys, and collect data along the Agua Fria River and Burro Creek. The BLM recruits youth through its partners, the Maricopa County and Phoenix Workforce Boards and Arizona-Call-a-Youth-Teen-Resources. The project location is on public lands in the BLM Phoenix District. 

For more information, call (602) 417-9200.