Pictured: Gavilan Peak kindergarteners hold signs of the five military branches and stand in front of respective pillars.
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Gavilan Peak kindergartners honor veterans


ANTHEM – Seventy kindergarten students from Gavilan Peak School traveled to the Anthem Veterans Memorial on May 19 to learn about the Memorial’s design elements and symbols. In addition to learning about the colors of the Memorial, the five military branches, and the Great Seal of the United States, students learned about the term “reflection” and the basic rules of behavior while visiting the Memorial.

The field trip was coordinated by Gavilan Peak School kindergarten teacher Julie Gade. The AVM lessons were presented by Liz Turner, Anthem Veterans Memorial Support Team volunteer. Following the lesson, the students wrote and decorated thank you notes that will be sent to veterans stationed overseas.

Classes, clubs, and organizations are invited to schedule educational lessons at the AVM. Contact Liz Turner, elizabethturnerus@yahoo.com, for more information.