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Vietnam War veterans honored at Anthem Veterans Memorial

Staff Report~ 5/21/2014

ANTHEM – Family, friends, and local Vietnam War veterans gathered at the Anthem Veterans Memorial Sunday, May 18 to commemorate United States Air Force Sergeant John M. Burkett and United States Air Force Sergeant Robert M. Vonderhaar with pavers purchased by their respective families. The two veterans met while in the Air Force, served together in Vietnam, and have remained close friends since.  Also present to support their comrades-in-arms were Vietnam War veterans and Anthem residents, Jim Gloshen (USAF), Mike Spinelli (USAF), Mary Ann Derryberry (USMC), and Dennis Hider (USMC).  Pictured left to right are Mike Spinelli (USAF), Robert Vonderhaar (USAF), Jim Gloshen (USAF), John Burkett (USAF), Dennis Hider (USMC), and MaryAnn Derryberry (USMC).