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Game On for Creativity

Shea Stanfield~ 5/20/2015

Award winning figure skater and movie star Sonja Henie once commented, “Jewelry takes people’s minds off your wrinkles!”  Well, local jewelry artist Aubree Overfield has made it her business to create sparkle, dazzle, and “bling” that promises to distract from any “imperfections” her client may have.

Aubree is as wild and crazy as she is focused and creative. Growing up in Phoenix, she was born with an edgy, push-the-envelope attitude within the conventional structures of button down society. Attending a high school that required students to done boring and colorless uniforms, Aubree began jumping out of the box of conformity wearing her own jewelry creations. Needless to say, this landed her up in the Dean’s office on more than one occasion with: “you’ve got some explainin’ to do!” 

Ironically, it was a high school requirement, for community service hours that ignited the flame of Aubree’s creative wildfire. A local thrift shop gladly provided the opportunity for her to complete her required time by putting her to work untangling mounds of donated costume jewelry. Here, endless possibilities emerged from the mounds of tangled chains, colored beads, and bangles. Not to let this opportunity go to waste, Aubree quickly put her knowledge of wire wrap and beading to work in making her own original creations from castoff treasures.

Aubree did not see her hobby and fascination with jewelry making as career choice, in the beginning. She strayed back to the buttoned-down path of regimented schooling just long enough to earn a degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice. Her dream, at that point, was to become an FBI agent. As Aubree worked her way toward that goal, reality began to set in; a career FBI agent may not be what it’s cracked up to be. A self proclaimed gamer, loving survival horror, action, shooter, story driven, and cooperative games with her husband and friends, Aubree is now getting her action fix from the safety of her own space.

Today, Aubree Overfield is back outside the box with her own jewelry business online. She draws from her love of 1920s through 1940s fashion and swing, everything colorful, dazzling, untamed in constant motion, looking for fun. 

To view a collection of jewelry styles, commission your own creations, or repurpose those old costume pieces, visit Aubree’s online store at and support a local lady with worldly talent! Meet Aubree and take a look at her “geek” inventory at this year’s AZ Game On Expo at the Mesa Convention Center, August 28-30 in Mesa, Arizona,

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