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Boulder Creek boys volleyball team brings home championship trophy


Elizabeth Medora

ANTHEM – The Boulder Creek High School Jaguars boys volleyball team capped off their great season by winning the 2016 Division 1 championship last Saturday. The team took home the trophy after beating the Perry High School team, 3-1.

Jags coach Troy Dueling described the team atmosphere as “jubilation” after their big win on Saturday. He noted that championship wins like this represent the team’s years of dedication; Dueling reports that these players work at their sport 10 months a year, playing in clubs, playing in the summer, and playing on the team during the on-season.

“I really credit it to the guys being extremely motivated and sticking to the process,” Dueling said of the Jags’ win. He described the team as “not consumed or overwhelmed with trying to win a state championship.” The championship was the ultimate goal, “but wasn’t something we talked about every day. We just talked about getting better every day,” Dueling said.

Dueling, who has been coaching the team for eight years, also gave a shout out to the team’s assistant coaches, Drew deLeon, Taylor Stallman, and Kevin Balzer, for working hard to help the team reach its full potential.

Of the 16 players on the volleyball team, four of them are seniors. All four seniors have received scholarship packages and will continue to play in college.

Winning the 2016 championship will provide new motivation for the team, as the younger players get increasingly well-versed in the preparation for the championship.

“We won the state championship in 2014, as well,” Dueling said, noting that multiple members of the 2016 team were on the 2014 team, too, and have been motivated by the process and prep of getting to the championship and winning.

While the boys volleyball season has now ended, players don’t have to wait until February 2017 when the new season starts to get involved. Dueling runs the Arizona Fear volleyball club, and players are welcome to join. For more information, see

For the Jags players, bringing home the 2016 championship trophy is the culmination of years of practice and hard work.

“To reach that pinnacle and then succeed there,” Dueling said, “it teaches the guys that hard work does pay off.”