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Anthem Country Club Community Association volunteers recognized

Staff~ 5/13/2015

ANTHEM – The Anthem Country Club Community Association Board of Directors, the Anthem Country Club homeowners' association, honored their volunteers at a reception on April 23, prior to the quarterly meeting of the Board. The ACCCA has over 40 volunteers who serve the Board and its Committees throughout the year.

Rick Kesselman, Chuck Durrant, Steve Champion, Holly Matson, Joy Lovell, Ed Varney, Chris Ensign, Roger Willis, Carl Benner, Bill Marrs, Rick Madsen, Ed Piedad, Ted Finnell, John Sandoz, Liz Turner, Barbara Dose, Fred Shipley, Bill Fondow, Don "Skip" Hoeder, Richard Witt, Donna Gloshen, Tom Shaner, Frank Kacmarsky, Lynette Flinders, Stuart (Stu) Carl, David Lyijynen, Guy Winters, Sandy Stice, Susan Luft, Mary Ann Bowen, Diane Clarke, Jim Yeakley, Nirmal Manerikar, Jasjeet Arneja-Sandhu, John Roman, Rus Smith, and James Talbot, ACCCA Board and Committee volunteers, were honored at the reception. Special Projects/Focus Group Volunteers were also honored; they included Sanisa Mendoza, Joseph Long, Carol Costa, Leisa Heuple, Ryan Halleran, Alan Muller, and Davis Noble (Club representative – Anthem Youth Advisory Council).

The ACCCA Board and staff are grateful to the many individuals who share their time and talents for the betterment of the Anthem Country Club community. If you are interested in volunteering for the ACCCA, contact Jody Cote, Community Manager, at (623) 742-4561 or