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Carefree Councilmember Melissa Price announces she will not seek re-election


Tara Alatorre

CAREFREE – Carefree Councilmember Melissa Price announced she will not be seeking re-election for her seat or any other open public office position in the town’s upcoming elections, in an exclusive statement sent to The Foothills Focus last week.

Price recently submitted the election packet with the town clerk, Kandace French, which is required to begin the candidacy process in the town’s upcoming primary elections this August. Instead, she announced she is not running for mayor or any of the six open council seats to be filled.

“After much consideration, I have decided NOT to run for Mayor,” she said in an email statement sent to the Focus.

At this point, Price says she only filed the packet when she was “considering” running for Mayor, and took the necessary steps while she explored the possibility of her candidacy. She turned down the opportunity to run for Mayor during the last election cycle, she said in her email to the Focus.

“I have given five years to public service now, and I am looking more and more to future projects that benefit me personally – I think its’s time,” Price said.

Price has served Carefree as a councilmember for five years, and in 2011 she was appointed Vice Mayor. Reflecting on her time in office, she says she feels great about her accomplishments, and seeing the town’s development.

“I feel blessed to have worked with some truly great people that have also given ‘free’ time and contributed both time and money to help make Carefree a more vibrant Town,” she said in her statement. Price would not comment specifically on what her next plans were, only insinuating she had things in the making.

“Lots of irons in the fire and I’m still considering my options so no concrete plans at this time,” she said.

Carefree’s primary elections will be held on Aug. 30; all six council seats are up for election, as well as the mayor seat. Anyone seeking to have their name placed on the ballots must file a candidate packet with the town’s clerk office by June 1. The candidate packets are available in the town hall, located at 8 Sundial Circle.

Currently, the candidates whose names will be on the ballot are as follows: Gene Orrico, incumbent running for council seat; Glenn Miller, incumbent running for council seat; John Crane, incumbent running for council seat; Michael Farrar, incumbent running for council seat; Bob Gearhart, incumbent running for council seat; Les Peterson, incumbent running for mayor; Michael Krahe running for council seat; and Jim Van Allen running for council seat. There are no propositions for this election cycle.

More election information can be found on the town’s Web site: