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Phoenix officially extends deadline to New River water haulers through August 31


Tara Alatorre
PHOENIX – The City of Phoenix announced it will be officially extending the permits issued to water haulers to August 31, 2018, so they can continue accessing city fire hydrants for water delivery services to New River and surrounding areas until the Anthem water station is complete.

“We are pleased to hear that the Anthem Community Council has received the proper permit that allows EPCOR to proceed with construction on the planned water station,” according to a letter released by Phoenix Vice Mayor Thelda Willams’ office on May 1.
The letter stated that this would be the final extension and that the City has no intention of issuing another extension to the water haulers.

“The City has an important duty-and the Phoenix City Council has a fiduciary responsibility-to protect this precious commodity for residents, who ultimately own the water utility,” the letter stated.

Phoenix was set to cut off water haulers on April 30, which was a deadline set by Phoenix to give EPCOR enough time to build a water station in Anthem and avoid a lapse in water services to residents. 

EPCOR has reassured residents that the Anthem water station should be completed by July 20, 2018, so the extended August deadline provides some wiggle room.

EPCOR originally intended the Anthem water station to be completed by this April, but there were many unforeseen setbacks that delayed the start of construction.  The company recently received approval from the Army Corps of Engineers it has been waiting for so construction can finally begin.

“We are committed to have the station up and running for the water haulers by July 20,” said Troy Day, head of EPCOR operations in Arizona.

The Anthem station will provide water haulers with a reliable, dedicated water source for communities in the New River area that rely on the deliveries for their drinking water.

“I am very pleased that the city of Phoenix and Vice Mayor Thelda Williams continue to partner with the community on this issue,” said Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates in an email statement. “I know the community will continue to work on a long-term solution to provide water to the residents in the area, and I stand prepared to lend my assistance to find a long term solution in whatever way I can.”