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Anthem family searching for lost glucose monitor

Staff~ 5/6/2015

ANTHEM – A local family is asking for the community’s help in locating their son’s glucose monitor. Joshua, a Canyon Springs School second grader, needs the monitor to help manage his Type 1 diabetes.

The Dexcom monitor was not in Joshua’s backpack when he arrived home on April 27. Since then, his family has tried multiple channels to get it back, and Canyon Springs School is searching for it, as well. The monitor is in a black carrying case and could be mistaken for an iPod or other similar device. The Dexcom has no other use than as a continuous glucose monitor used for Type 1 Diabetes. Joshua was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 3, and the Dexcom monitor helps manage his diabetes to help him lead a more normal life.

Anyone with any information on this missing monitor can call Canyon Springs’ school nurse at (623) 376-5210. If found, the Dexcom monitor can also be dropped off at the Canyon Springs nurse’s office.