Agent Mike Nache – Prescott Valley, Cathy Trent – Prescott, Deputy Do-Right, Sheriff Mascher, Agent Penny Hubble – Chino Valley, and Deputy Scott Reed
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YCSO awarded $6,800 State Farm Insurance grant for driver safety education


YAVAPAI COUNTY – State Farm Insurance has awarded a grant to the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office to aid YCSO’s driver’s safety education programs. YCSO Sheriff Mascher received a $6,800 check from State Farm Insurance, presented by State Farm Agent Penny Hubble from the Chino Valley Office.

Funds received will be used in the purchase of equipment and software necessary to produce educational video segments on topics of driver safety with a focus on teenaged drivers. This basic curriculum is already in place as part of YCSO’s Right-by-Kids program featuring its mascot, Deputy Do-Right. The ongoing outreach to schools throughout Yavapai County is facilitated by 2 YCSO Law Enforcement Education Deputies (LEED), who provide instruction and safety messages on numerous topics relevant to our youth. Driver safety education is already a critical component of the program with a focus on DUI and distracted driver prevention. Other topics covered by LEEDs include drug prevention, gun safety, bicycle safety, bullying prevention, and stranger safety. The Right-by-Kids program reaches several thousand kids each year from grades K-12.  

For 2016, thanks to the great benefit of this funding, the goal of the “Right-by Kids” team is to produce a series of instructional videos, some featuring ‘Deputy Do-Right,’ covering critical driving safety topics. The video segments will be used during classroom visits and community events throughout Yavapai County. In the past, videos produced were limited in scope due to inadequate equipment and editing software. It is also intended the videos will be used by educators, including those who homeschool, and State Farm agents, as part of the outreach involving driver’s safety education. YCSO truly appreciates the partnership with State Farm, working together to prevent driving-related tragedies.