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Cave Creek’s Bruce Arlen shares musings in new book

Shea Stanfield~ 4/30/2014

According to a wise observation from Andy Warhol, one of the founders of the Pop Art movement, “Since people are living longer and get older, they will just have to learn to be children a lot longer… .”
Artist Bruce Arlen, in his new book “Bamusers; Musings in Art,” has taken seeing the world through the eyes of younger selves to new heights—with adult humor.
Bruce, a Cave Creek resident, started his art training in high school and continued into college.
During college, he worked for an architect, drawing the trees and foliage for the firm’s marketing renderings used to sell homes. In those days, renderings and their embellishments were not done soullessly in repetitive sameness with the use of computers. Instead, young aspiring art students learned the technique of drawing with their varying width rapidograph pens, rendering original illustrations with the style and precision of a Sumi master.
Although Bruce experimented with painting on canvas and sculpture, his muse was best expressed with pen, ink and colored pencils.
After college, Bruce spent his career in the graphic arts industry, first representing one of the finest lithographers in America and then as a partner in a Los Angeles design and advertising firm. In that demanding world, he produced marketing and advertising material for hundreds of clients, including Paramount Studios, Sony America, Vidal Sassoon, Herbalife, FedEx Kinko’s Gallo Wineries, Honda and The Walt Disney Studios. Today, Bruce continues to create from his home studio in Cave Creek.
In “Bamusers; Musing in Art,” Bruce strives to capture the truth inside the nature of human beings. His inspiration may have come from being raised in a creative family of individuals who were not afraid to express themselves. No doubt, his musings were nurtured in a life lived in the creative fast lane of the Los Angeles art world: a place where maintaining an alternative sense of humor, an eye for paradox and irony is a survival skill. However it came together for artist Bruce Arlen, he harnessed the flamboyant style of seeing life through the lens of the absurd and the literal thinking of a child translated into art.
Currently, Bruce is developing an apparel line of T-shirts called TeeMusers that will initially be sold at He believes his work translates well to apparel, paper, framed prints, 3-D figurines and sculptures. The possibilities seem endless for the light of heart in the spirit of fun.
The book “Bamusers” may be purchased through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Bruce’s website. Also, he can be followed on Facebook (Bamusers) and Twitter (Bruce Arlen@RealBamusers).