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Family searching for missing tortoise

Staff~ 4/29/2015

NEW RIVER – A New River family is searching for their missing tortoise after neighbors say they saw the tortoise being loaded into a trailer.

Checker, a large desert tortoise is a family pet. He got out of his enclosure and wandered off the property. His owner’s neighbors saw two men load the tortoise into a trailer being towed by a dark blue car with the partial license plate of BHJ6. The men drove off with Checker before the neighbor could tell the men who the tortoise belonged to.

No one has reported a found tortoise. Checker’s family doesn’t know who he is with or where he is, so they have filed a report with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, report # IR15009796.

If you have any information on Checker’s whereabouts, please contact his family at (602) 472-8944.