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Phoenix recognized for alternative fuel usage

Staff~ 4/29/2015

PHOENIX – The Valley of the Sun Clean Cities Coalition has recognized the city of Phoenix for its commitment to improving air quality, reducing fuel costs, and energy security.  The VSCCC particularly recognized the city’s Aviation, Public Works, and Public Transit departments for their investment in alternative fuels. 

“This award is an excellent recognition of the work Phoenix is doing to improve the air we breathe,” said Mayor Greg Stanton.  “We’ve created one of the largest alternative fuel fleets in the country, and we’re better utilizing light rail, bikeways, and pedestrian-friendly development to cut air pollution and build a more sustainable environment.”

Phoenix’s Alternative Fuels Program is one of the largest and most successful in the country with more than 50 percent of its vehicles operating on alternative/clean fuels. During the last fiscal year, these vehicles utilized 9.1 million gallons of alternative/clean fuel, which equates to more than 60 percent of the total fuel used by the city in FY13-14. These numbers include the city’s general fleet, Aviation and Public Transit departments.

The policies adopted by the Mayor and City Council and implemented by city departments have been remarkable in putting the city far ahead of other cities in the nation. In 2013, Phoenix displaced more than 60 million gallons of petroleum fuel – almost twice as much than Southern California and three times as much than the Chicago area.

“The city’s commitment to alternative and clean-burning fuels plays an important role in the region’s efforts to reduce particulate pollution and brown cloud days,” said Councilman Bill Gates, chair of the city council’s Finance, Efficiency, Economy and Sustainability Subcommittee. “Because engines that burn natural gas also require less maintenance than those that run diesel, our commitment to alternative fuels means longer term benefits to the city’s financial bottom line.”

The light rail and PHXSky Train® also reduce air pollution by taking thousands of motor vehicles off the streets, while operating on clean electrical energy.

The VSCCC is one of more than 100 coalitions across the United States and was recently recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy for being number one in the country in the displacement of petroleum fuel.  These coalitions are measured each year by the amount of petroleum fuel that is displaced in their market.  The objective is the reduction of air pollution from exhaust emissions, while increasing energy security.