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Zen Dispensary in New River now open

Staff~ 4/28/2015

NEW RIVER – The Zen Dispensary, which provides medical marijuana, is now open in New River.

The dispensary opened on April 16.

One of the owners, Ross, described the motivation of the owners in opening Zen Dispensary.

“We wanted to partake in the Arizona medical marijuana program to bring the best quality to the patients and to work in a field that we’ve always been passionate about,” he noted.

Zen Dispensary carries a variety of medical marijuana products for patients with medical marijuana cards. Products include concentrates, edibles, flowers, and extracts. Edibles, including teas, brownies, candies, and more, are available in varying strengths.

The dispensary only services those with a valid state-issued medical marijuana card. They can offer some resources for patients seeking a medical marijuana card, including referring patients to doctors who can issue the cards. Children with a qualifying medical condition can be issued a card, provided they have an adult caregiver.

Patient safety is very important to Zen Dispensary. Every label and every go-home bag for patients states a “keep out of reach of children” warning, as well as “do not open until at destination” statements.

The owners of Zen Dispensary applied for this district from the Arizona Department of Health Services. Each dispensary around the state services a specific area; Zen will service north of Carefree Highway to just south of Black Canyon City. The owners report that they’re happy to be open in the New River community.

“We have had a good number of local people come in and visit us and welcome us to the area,” Ross said.

Stop by and visit the Zen Dispensary, located at 46639 N. Black Canyon Highway, in the Riverside Plaza. Only patients can be in the dispensary area, but everyone is welcome to drop by the lobby and meet the staff.

See more about the dispensary’s products and services at