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Anthem School Rockets softball team wins Division II championship


ANTHEM – The Anthem School Rockets softball team are the the 2015-2016 DV7-8C Division II softball champions! The team took home the title after winning their April 19 game against Sierra Verde.

This win was the culmination of months of hard work – and all that work and practicing paid off for this talented team.

“Our main goal at the beginning of the season was to get a championship banner hung up in the cafeteria,” said Kirstin Linert, Anthem School girls softball coach. “With each game, that dream stayed alive, and we made the playoffs. Hosting and winning the first playoff game really made the team believe we could go all the way. Hosting and winning the second playoff game (semi-finals) put the dream within reach. The only thing between us and the dream was winning the championship game.”

The team continued to dominate, and they won last week’s championship, making that championship win dream come true.

The team is made up of 7th and 8th grade girls, some of whom are softball veterans and others who are new to the sport.

“The girls worked hard all year, including 7 a.m. practice on some days,” Linert noted. “The girls had a great relationship with each other, always pushing each other to do better and counting on one another; having a strong relationship like that produces a great culture, which then leads to wins.”

Linert coached club ball and college softball before coaching at Anthem School, and she’s now in her third year coaching softball at Anthem. She credited assistant coach Alan Villandre as a “huge contributor to the team’s out fielding success.”

“This season would not have been complete without Alan,” Linert said.

The championship game was held at the Anthem Community Park, and Linert called it “a special bonus” to play the game at the Anthem Community Fields.

“It was truly a home game for us, with students, teachers, parents, and the Anthem community there to cheer us on,” Linert said. “The girls were very appreciative to the coaches, fans, and the other team!”

Linert described the Rockets team as “super excited” after their win. Months of practice, training, and teamwork prepared the girls for their big game, and they rocked it.

“For the last week we have talked about what it would be like to win a championship for the school, and then they did it!” Linert said.