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Around the Bluhmin’ Town


Judy Bluhm

KaCHOO! Oh, excuse me, Dear Readers, because it seems I cannot stop sneezing! And I guess I am not alone. After reading many medical articles about allergies, it clarified one thing…we are suffering in Phoenix with itchy and watery eyes, runny noses, sneezing fits, sore throats and general fatigue. The devil is called pollen!

Pollen allergies are caused by airborne pollens, which are in the form of a very fine powder released by tees, grass and weeds. One “expert” claims that we are suffering because the mesquite, ash and mulberry trees are having sex (more politely – fertilization) this time of year. That, coupled with all the wind we have had lately, is sending thick clouds of “powder” into the air and into our mouth, eyes, and lungs. Trees…if you can read this…STOP having sex! You are killing us!

Hey, it is not only the mesquite trees that are up to no good. What about the all that Bermuda grass and the ragweed? Look around at our fair State and just everything is in glorious boom. Yellows, purples, whites, greens, reds are all creating a landscape of beauty. As long as we don’t have to breathe we will be fine!

One man in Cave Creek emailed me to say he takes two spoonfuls of honey every morning and it has “cured” his allergies. One lady said she can only go out to work in the yard with a mask on (and sometimes goggles). One couple said they will not open a window until June when the “pollen count” is in a livable range.

Over 67 million Americans are suffering right now from pollen in the air! Seasonal allergies are estimated to be responsible for 4 million missed or lost work days every year! And according to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, Americans spend as much as 4.5 billion annually on medication and doctor visits to treat their allergies! That is nothing to sneeze at.

We are getting sick from the air we breathe! Even are pets can be miserable. I was walking around the Anthem Park one day and saw a ‘cloud” of yellow dust swirling around like an evil dust devil. People were trying to out-run it, but no such luck. You know it cannot be good when you have bright yellow dust raining down on you from the palo verde trees and mesquites. Help! We are under pollen-siege!

Some doctors say we are supposed to create a “sneeze-free” zone at home. You know, keep your doors and windows shut in Spring. Hey, doctor, this is our best time of year! Soon we will be forced to live in air conditioning! Oh and make sure your home is dust-free. Okay, I guess this goes along with never having a window open. Of course, make sure there are no dust mites lurking in your bedding because those coupled with pollen are nasty culprits! Medical nonsense? Don’t tell me about dust mites in the mattress when there is fine yellow pollen powder in the air!

Grab the tissue box! Call in sick. (If you are an employer, I am only kidding). Go for a walk, but be prepared to run if you see a yellow cloud of dust coming your way.  Open the windows. No keep them shut! Yikes, enjoy Spring with all the trees and grasses in bloom…from a safe distance!

Judy Bluhm is a writer and local realtor. Have a story or a comment? Email Judy at