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Local cashier recognized for going ‘above and beyond’

Elizabeth Medora ~ Staff~ 4/15/2015

ANTHEM – We’re all familiar with the stomach-dropping moment of panic with lost keys, wallet, etc. For Jack Ekin, that moment occurred in the Wal-mart in Anthem last February when he went to pay for items and couldn’t find his moneybag. Thankfully for Ekin, help was on the way, in the form of caring cashier Shirley Webb.

“I was shopping, and I lost my moneybag,” Ekin said, sharing the details of that day. He searched for the bag and asked the Wal-mart security guard for help, as well. Cashier Webb closed her register, where Ekin had been trying to check out and joined the search, going to customer service and asking them to run the security cameras.

Webb immediately thought of retracing Ekin’s steps to look for the missing bag.

“Shirley asked me, ‘Where were you?’” Ekin said.

“Jack had come through my line with some items and paid for them,” Webb said, recounting the story. “He went back to look at flowers. He came back to my line later with more items, and when he went to pay for them, he didn’t have his moneybag.”

Webb searched the route Ekin had taken with no success, at first. She was returning to her register when she spotted something.

“On the way back, I see this blue bag laying on the floor,” Webb said. The blue bag was Ekin’s missing moneybag. Webb turned it into the assistant manager, and they confirmed that it was Ekin’s moneybag. 

Ekin noted that he is thankful for all the people who helped him, but especially for Webb, who he described as going “above and beyond” to find the missing money.

“I wanted to thank her dearly,” Ekin said.

Webb accepted the thanks modestly, calling it “pure luck” that she found the bag.

“I don’t think it’s anything that any normal person wouldn’t do,” she said. “I’m just glad he was able to find it.”

Ekin contacted The Foothills Focus, asking for a story to recognize Webb’s honesty and caring. A huge thank-you goes out to Webb and all the cashiers like her who work hard every day and who go the extra mile to help their customers.