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Food bank hungry for volunteer drivers

Staff Report~ 4/16/2014

The Foothills Food Bank & Resource Center is in need of volunteer drivers to pick-up and drop off food and related items for the food bank.
Pam DiPietro, executive director at Foothills Food Bank, said that requests for food assistance have intensified, so van drivers are needed to help ensure the families that are served by her food bank receive needed items.
DiPietro said that Foothills Food Bank seeks individuals with an SUV or small truck who can work 1 day per week for 2 hours, picking up and transporting donated food. Food pick-ups, which vary in size and weight, are typically conducted during early morning hours between 7 and 10.
“The need is critical, as we cannot feed those in need without volunteers,” DiPietro said.
Interested and available volunteers can contact John Murphy by calling 480-600-6978 or by emailing for questions regarding specific duties.