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Recycle household items in Anthem

Staff Report~ 4/16/2014

Anthem residents are invited to attend the Anthem Community Council’s semi-annual Go Green event April 26, 8 a.m.-11 a.m., at the ACC Community Center parking lot, 41130 N. Freedom Way.
Participants must provide one form of Anthem residency identification before recycling items.
Representatives from Republic Services (Allied Waste), Pro-Shred, Westech Recyclers and Big Brothers/Big Sisters make the event possible for Anthem residents to recycle items including electronics, personal documents, paint and prescription and non-prescription drugs.
“We appreciate the opportunity to partner with the Anthem Community Council on an event which is becoming an Anthem tradition,” said Bob Bennett, general manager of Republic Services. “We are excited to help enable Anthem residents recycle, shred and donate items that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Our employees are proud to serve Anthem residents and we are committed to doing our part to leave a cleaner and healthier community for future generations.”
Westech Recyclers and Allied Waste will recycle acceptable electronics and other paper, plastic, metal and glass-based recyclable items. Safety-Kleen will also recycle up to 5 gallons of paint per Anthem household.
Pro-Shred will provide secure destruction of household sensitive materials including bank statements, check stubs and credit card offers.
The following items will not be accepted for shredding: metal, CDs, tapes, disks, binder clips and three-ring binders. File folders with metal will be accepted.
Big Brothers/ Big Sisters will assist residents with clothing donations and provide tax-deductible donation receipts. Acceptable items include clothing, toys, linens and small household items such as lamps, d├ęcor and small appliances.
“This event gets bigger every year thanks to the support of our many sponsors and the participation of Anthem residents who understand the importance of recycling and proper disposal practices to protect our environment,” said ACC chief operating officer Neal Shearer.
A summarized list of acceptable items includes:

  • Computer equipment: PCs, laptops, modems, hubs and routers, storage devices, main frames, servers, power supplies and cords, printers, wires and cabling, mice, keyboards, hard drives, DVD and CD drives
  • Point of sale equipment: credit card machines, printers and scanners
  • Telecom equipment: telephones, cell phones, switches and answering systems
  • Printing equipment: printers, fax machines, copiers, calculators, typewriters and cartridges
  • A/V Equipment: TVs, stereos, radios, amplifiers, projectors, satellite and cable equipment, video equipment, VCRs, CD players, video game equipment, surveillance equipment and cameras
  • Batteries: alkaline, nickel cadmium, lead acid, lithium, etc.
  • Electronic components: Capacitors, diodes, resistors, transistors and integrated circuits
  • Other electronic items: test, lab and medical equipment, cables and wire, connectors, ballasts, batteries, power strips, etc.
  • Household Appliances: microwaves, toasters and items containing Freon (must be tagged/ certified that the Freon has been removed)
  • Latex paint: household latex paint (5 gallons of paint per household). Note: The amount of paint is based on the size of the container, regardless of amount of paint in it
  • Additional items: surplus metals, wires, cable (aluminum, copper wire), CFLs and other fluorescent bulbs

This year, for the first time at Go Green, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office will provide an opportunity for residents to recycle prescription and non-prescription drugs.
For more information and a complete list of acceptable items, visit or contact the Anthem Community Council at 623-742-6050.