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Fishing Report

Staff Report~ 4/16/2014

This is a North Valley-focused version of the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s fishing report. To view the full report, visit

Roosevelt Lake—Elevation is 2,103 feet, capacity at 48 percent full.
James Goughnour of Rim Country Custom Rods said that April 8 was a day a lot of anglers who fish Roosevelt Lake have been waiting for. That was the planned date for 400,000 Florida stain bass to be released into the lake. These fish were flown from Florida Fish & Wildlife who donated the fish to AZGFD. There are plans to restart the Bubbling Pond warm-water fish hatchery and add habitat to Roosevelt Lake. All of these efforts are aimed at combating the growing number of gizzard shad that have multiplied over the past several year.
AZGFD is offering $50,000 in matching funds to purchase more bass for Roosevelt Lake. So for every dollar donated to help Roosevelt Lake, AZGFD will match it. To make a donation, mail it to AZGFD, 500 Carefree Hwy., Phoenix. In the memo line, add the words Roosevelt Lake bass, and those dollars will only be used for our hometown lake.
Bass fishing was called “good” last week. The high winds we had 2 weeks ago diminished, and the reports got much better.  Lots of reports of bass spawning in 4 feet water to less. This should continue for next week.
Fish are also in either a pre- or post-spawn phase. Bass will feed activity before and after the spawn and can be caught on a wide variety of baits. The number one bait reported last week was a Senko style worm. This slow sinking straight tail worm looks like an easy meal to a bass, which is exactly what they are looking for after the spawn. Other successful baits most any reaction type bait such as the spider bait. The drop shot technique, which is another slow moving technique, was reported successful. Hot spots this week include Champaign Bay where the Salt River enters the lake.    
Crappie fishing was called “fair” on Roosevelt Lake 2 weeks ago. Crappie have started to spawn. The male crappie turn black with bright blue-green metallic spots during the spawn, so be on the lookout in shady areas for crappie.