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New River ranch residents welcome owl family residing on their roof


NEW RIVER – Whoooo are the cutest owlet babies? These guys!

New River photographer Ann Ordway has been keeping an eye on the ‘Owlway Family’ that is nesting on the roof of her house, and she was able to snap photos of the babies, staying far enough away to not ruffle the feathers of the new parents.

Ordway has been visited by ‘Mr. Owlway’ for the past three years, and she notes that this Great Horned Owl lost his mate two years ago. This year, he found a new partner. After patiently watching over two eggs, the Owlways are now the proud parents of two strapping owlets.

In a few months, the owlets will have grown enough to start testing out their wings and flying on their own. They’ll stay with their parents for a few months beyond that time. We hope that when they leave the nest for good, they’ll be back to visit!