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Parkside Community Association announces tentative date for LDS seminary vote


ANTHEM – The Parkside Community Association has announced the targeted date for the Parkside Board of Directors to vote on the LDS seminary house variance. The vote is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, April 21, the same date as the next scheduled Parkside Board meeting.

In an April 7 Facebook post, the Anthem Parkside Community Association announced a schedule of targeted dates for the variance.

Targeted dates identified in the post: 

April 6/7 – Send Variance Draft Agreement to LDS Church
April 13-15 – Consider LDS response and settle on a Final Draft Variance Agreement
April 13-15 – Publish Final Draft Variance Agreement for Parkside viewing
April 21 – Vote on resolution to offer Variance Agreement to the LDS Church

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has requested a variance from the Parkside Board of Directors to allow them to open an LDS seminary in a Parkside home.

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