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Energy and Motion Made Visible


Shea Stanfield
Arts Columnist

“Energy and motion made visible‚Ķmemories arrested in space.” ~ Jackson Pollock
Yes, energy and motion made visible is the perfect description of local painter Pat Cain’s large and expressive canvases. Regardless of their place: corporate meeting and reception areas, sprawling resort lobbies or, intimate fine home dining rooms, Pat’s work commands your initial attention before settling into a comfort of color and form that you just can’t live without.

Pat grew up in Lima, Ohio, and she simply can’t remember a time when she wasn’t drawing. By the time she reached middle school her teachers recognized a serious emerging artistic talent. The passion for drawing grew into a love of painting. Pat received her B.S. in Art Education from Bowling Green State University in Ohio and went on to teach art in the public school system in Michigan for thirty years. She also went on to complete her M.A. in studio art, with an emphasis in painting, from Eastern Michigan University, while etching out time to paint whenever possible. Pat reflects, “Art chose me, I grew up in a time when there were not as many career options for female college graduates. I always loved art, so art education seemed like a logical choice.” Also, nurturing the next generation of artist talent was more than gratifying.

Today, Pat works from her home studio, in Scottsdale, where she paints daily. She refers to her style as abstract expressionist, in her case, energy and emotion made visible with color, shape, and texture. Her medium of choice dances between oil, acrylic, watercolor, watercolor crayons, and organic materials in the form of collages and paintings. Pat finds this technique allows her to transfer her private thoughts and life experiences to the canvas in a way that takes her to “another place.” The “frosting on the cake” arrives when a client falls in love with one of her pieces and takes it home to live in their space.¬†

In an effort to push her technique forward and keep her view fresh, Pat attends a five-day workshop each year with various other artists in California. In turn, Pat satisfies her own desire to educate others by teaching abstract and non-objective painting classes a couple of times a year. Pat works with a gallery in northern Michigan, where she and her husband lived before moving to Scottsdale in 2003. Locally, Pat exhibits her work at Art One Gallery in Scottsdale,, as well as participates in exhibits throughout the year at the Holland Center and Desert Foothills Public Library.

Pat’s work will be featured in an exhibit at Art Object Gallery now through May 7, 2017 and at Terravita Desert Pavilion through May 15, 2017. View a wide selection of Patricia Cain’s work and her exhibit schedule at, and “arrest your memories in space.”

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