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Parkside commercial vehicle restrictions updated

Staff ~ 4/8/2015

ANTHEM – Parkside in Anthem has updated the community Use Restrictions, including the section on commercial vehicles and what commercial vehicles are acceptable to be parked in Parkside driveways.

The Parkside Policy Committee worked on updating the Use Restrictions, providing clarification on certain sections. Proposed changes to the Use Restrictions were debated at a Parkside Board of Directors meeting last December. A revision of that proposal was approved at the Feb. 19 Parkside Board of Directors meeting.

The commercial vehicle restrictions have not become stricter; they have been clarified to better define what Parkside deems a commercial vehicle. If a commercial vehicle was “HOA legal” before these revisions took place, it still will be acceptable. Homeowners who have a commercial vehicle that is not HOA acceptable can contact the HOA for suggestions on what to do with their vehicle to get it into compliance and what other storage options are available for them. See for HOA contact information and full langue of Use Restrictions.

According to the revised Use Restrictions, a commercial vehicle is defined as:

1.  Any motorized or towed vehicle designed or used for a commercial or industrial function, including:
a. Any vehicle with a carrying capacity/payload of over one ton and contains one or more appurtenances as described in 1(b);
b. Vehicles with ladders, racks, “cherry pickers”, or any other appurtenances (i.e. enclosed box (box truck), fuel tanks, multiple tool boxes, lettering/signage (not to exceed 50% of the surface area of vehicle), etc.) making the vehicle useable for business purposes;
c. Any vehicle over 230 inches long and contains one or more appurtenances as described in 1(b).
 These approved restrictions provide additional clarification to the December proposal, which defined section A as “Any vehicle with a rating of over one ton; AND/OR,” followed by the next two sections. The approved restrictions clarify that the vehicle must be over one ton, as well as fit one or more of the other sections. This wording change clears up some of the concerns homeowners brought up previously, including that many vehicles are over one ton, yet are not commercial vehicles.

The policy denotes that vehicles not considered commercial vehicles are:

1.  Any vehicle that is protected under A.R.S. § 33-1809 (parking of a vehicle which is required to be available at designated periods at the person’s residence as a condition of the person’s employment for a public service corporation or public service agency)
2. Cargo vans or pick-up trucks with no appurtenances as described in subsection 1(b), above.
The revised Use Restrictions will be formally announced in the May Parkside Newsletter. The restrictions officially go into place 30 days after the community is notified through the newsletter.