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Bela Fidel’s art: The elegance of simplicity

Shea Stanfield~ 4/8/2015

“The elegance of simplicity, richness of experience, depth of feelings, and the allure of uncompromising aesthetics” is the framework in which local artist Bela Fidel develops her magnetically colorful oil and encaustic work. Bela’s abstract oils convey a rich personal artistic experience; simple and uncluttered, the creative interaction among the elements results in both pleasing and startling aesthetics. She reflects, “Much like a couple who has lived together for a long time and whose connection, though unspoken, is real and palpable.”

Growing up in Brazil, Bela’s early influences were Rousseau, Dali, and O’Keefe. As she developed the early foundations of her art with a number of well-known Brazilian instructors, she began to branch out in her style, turning toward a provocative group of modern artists such as Motherwell, Diebenkorn, and Hoffman among others for her inspiration. Bela continually pushes the boundaries of her work. She is in an endless search for her truest expression. Each painting leads to new discoveries, struggles with doubts, and teaches her about herself. Through her work, therefore, she pursues errands of truth.

Bela works from her studio in Scottsdale. Her inspiration comes from Zen art, the New York School, and her own inner life. She is continually expanding her self-expression in and through her work by adding a variety of new techniques, textures, and aesthetic elements. She describes her most current work as “pushing into the realm of Abstract Expressionism.” Bela is focused on opening her work to the bigger and more expansive ideas of our times. She reflects, “Each painting takes me to roads traveled, as well as unknown, offering opportunities for both growth and humility.” 

Bela exhibits throughout the year in a number of venues, both in-group and one-woman shows. She gives presentations for various art groups around the area and is active in teaching Encaustic painting to groups at her studio and other educational facilities in the Phoenix area. To view a larger selection of Bela Fidel’s work, contact her for a commissioned piece for your home, office, or as a gift, inquire about talks and her upcoming exhibits visit the following Web sites: and She also has an online presence at,, and  

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