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New name, new vision: Scottsdale Lincoln Health Network is now HonorHealth

Elizabeth Medora ~ Staff~ 4/8/2015

NORTH VALLEY – John C. Lincoln Health Network and Scottsdale Healthcare have now merged into HonorHealth.

The affiliation and merger has been in the works since October 2013. The statutory merger took place in December 2014, and the HonorHealth name and brand was announced March 30.

“The intention, in 2013, the goal and the intention was to develop a fully merged entity,” explained CEO Tom Sadvary. He described John C. Lincoln Health Network and Scottsdale Healthcare as “two strong organizations with a rich history and legacy of serving our communities.”

“We could have stayed on our own, but together we could make a stronger organization to better serve our communities,” Sadvary continued. He called the merger “logical,” noting that Scottsdale Healthcare and JCL Health Network share adjoining markets, similar cultures, and similar missions to non-profit community-based healthcare.

“Together, we can serve our community and patients even better than we were able to do as separate organizations,” Sadvary said.

“The new brand promise is really about making healthy personal,” Sadvary emphasized. “We really want to make sure that we are providing healthcare in a very personal way and look at it from the patients’ perspective,” he said, noting that this was the goal for every HonorHealth doctor’s office, ER, and outpatient facility.

“We have made and are making a major investment in electronic medical records,” Sadvary noted. “Patients will be able to have their record on an application on their iPhone, Droid, or other devices.”

No insurance changes are being made; HonorHealth will accept the same insurance plans that Scottsdale Healthcare and JCL Health Network have. Some staffing changes have been made.

“We have an integration plan that we started working on in 2013,” Sadvary noted. “We’ve made some changes at the executive staff level.”

The combined staff of 10,500 has been integrated into the HonorHealth system and now will be cross-trained throughout the network. Sadvary noted that the integration is expected to produce more growth opportunities and increased cross-training for employees.

According to a release from the company, HonorHealth is “building an interconnected network of care,” which will include:

  • Ambulatory health centers that will offer primary and urgent care, pharmacy, imaging and lab services, and physical therapy within one location; the first center is under construction in Glendale.
  • A Transition Specialist house-call program that helps patients recover from illness or surgery.
    HonorHealth Medical Group, a network of 54 primary care and specialty practices, located throughout the Valley.
  • Extensive outpatient services, including the Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center, Breast Health and Research Center, Greenbaum Specialty Surgical Hospital, Sonoran Health and Emergency Center, and a Research Institute.
  • Five acute care hospitals: Deer Valley Medical Center, John C. Lincoln Medical Center (formerly North Mountain Hospital), Scottsdale Osborn Medical Center, Scottsdale Shea Medical Center, and Scottsdale Thompson Peak Medical Center.
  • Extensive community outreach programs that include medical, dental, prenatal, behavioral health, nutrition, immunization, health education, vision, and hearing services.


Sadvary reported that HonorHealth, as a name and a brand, came about after a year of interviewing patients, internal staff, physicians, employees, and people in the community “to really understand what was important to them relative to choosing a physician and delivering a healthcare network.”

“We integrated those findings with the key elements of our strategic plan,” Sadvary said. He discussed the naming process, noting that the organization “checked off a list of possible names” as they went through the merging process, trying to find a name that fit the “future direction of the organization.”

“We decided that HonorHealth best exemplified what our consumers want and what we can provide and intend to provide as a new organization,” Sadvary commented.

Sadvary is estimating that the HonorHealth rebranding and signs will be done by fall 2015. The rebranding will not require any closures or downtime at the facilities.

“We have a detailed plan,” Sadvary said. “It is quite a journey. What we wanted to do with our branding is to recognize the strength and the contribution of Scottsdale Healthcare and John C. Lincoln organizations, while at the same time, showing a new direction in healthcare.”

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