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Scottsdale artist Diana Campanella is the featured artist this month at the Anthem Art Gallery. From 7 – 9 p.m. March 26 there will be a grand opening event where art enthusiasts can meet the artists and view 11 of her paintings that are on display. The Anthem Art Gallery is located at 42212 North 41st Drive in Anthem.

Scottsdale artist shows talents at Anthem gallery


Diana Campanella is passionate about her art and said she is enthusiastic about her latest show, where she has 11 pieces on display at the Anthem Art Gallery through April 16 including a grand opening from 7 – 9 p.m. on March 26.
The 16-year Scottsdale resident is not only a painter, but at one time ran her own magazine called ‘Art and Politics’ in the mid ’90s, a venture spawned by what she felt was unfair treatment of artists in New York.
“At that time the police would arrest artists for selling their works on the street,” she said. “Sometimes they would confiscate your work and destroy it, sometimes it would get sold at auction. It was ridiculous. Vendors could sell books with works of art in them, but we couldn’t sell our work. We couldn’t figure out what the difference was.”
While the venture only lasted eight issues Campanella said she got a strong response from a publication that was distributed throughout the United States and into Canada.
“We were on a mission to bring together a publication that talked about art and politics together,” she said. “It was a very honest magazine and we got a great response, but it just got too expensive to produce it.”
While the magazine eventually folded Campanella was delighted when the laws were eventually changed to give artists the freedom to sell their works on the streets of New York.
When it comes to her art, abstract painting, Campanella said the method is difficult to express, but she takes the same enthusiasm to her work as she did to getting her cause heard.
“When I start painting I don’t have intentions,” she said. “It’s all intuitive. I don’t have any direction. I try to keep my intellect out of the way and have the painting direct itself in some way.”
Without a predetermined destination she said finding the road to the finish can take winding unpredictable turns.
“Sometimes it doesn’t take long at all,” she said. “Other times it can be several days. At some point I get to where I feel satisfied. It will have some sense of balance in the way the elements are positioned.
That’s when I stop.”
Upon finishing the painting she then decides on a title. One of her pieces that can be found on her website is called A Holy Scripture.
For most a title is the end of the line, but Campanella also likes to add an additional quote to some of her pieces.
“After the title a lot of times I want to come up with a philosophy that further articulates or explains the title,” she said. “The titles make me think, ‘what can I give or teach.’”
In the A Holy Scripture piece the philosophy is, “Scriptures come in all forms. Be open to the form that speaks to you.”
Whether art collectors take their love of a piece to that level doesn’t entirely impact Campanella.
“I does take away in a sense,” she said. “I guess I don’t care if they completely understand. If they simply enjoy it because of its colors that’s okay too. Understanding can be overrated, because art can impact people in different ways. I would like them to appreciate what it is and what went into it. Sometimes though people simply don’t appreciate your work, don’t understand and might not like it. You have to be able to accept that too.”
The Anthem Art Gallery display will consist of 11 pieces, in a variety of different sizes.
After trying a couple different jobs prior to turning to art Campanella said she has definitely found her calling.
“At one time I was a hairdresser and I even sold cars. I finally decided to go to college and I got a Masters in Fine Art. Now I can’t imagine doing anything else. If I wasn’t painting I wouldn’t be happy. I’m always in experimental mode, trying to come up with something unique. I don’t stick to one thing.”
The Anthem Art Gallery is located at 42212 North 41st Drive in Anthem. To set up an alternative time to see Campanella’s paintings call 623-551-7808. For information on the Anthem Art Gallery go to