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Rural Metro Fire Department performing fire hydrant testing


CAREFREE – Rural Metro Fire Department crews are working with the Carefree Water Department to check all fire hydrants servicing the citizens of Carefree. The inspections will be ongoing now through mid-April. This will include hydrants located on the Cave Creek water system.

“As a matter of routine maintenance and safety, the crews will open each hydrant checking for water pressure, debris and accessibility to the hydrant. They will be performing preventative maintenance such as checking threads on the caps, checking gaskets, and greasing threads,” Shawn Gilleland, Public Information Officer for Rural Metro of Central Arizona, said via email.

Gilleland noted that having a representative from the water department available will allow crews to immediately report any issues and identify any discrepancies. 

“If a hydrant is identified as out of service, it will be reported immediately to the water department for repair and follow up. It will also be tagged as “out of service” until repaired,” Gilleland said.

This testing allows for the crews to identify available hydrants in communities, ensure the hydrants will perform as expected, and flushes out any debris that may have collected in the water line, preventing damage to pumping equipment. Crews may also use the time for training with coupler attachments, hoses, or other skills training.