Pictured: Photography by Dennis Doyle.
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Nature In Another Time


Shea Stanfield
“I see no reason for recording the obvious,” Edward Weston.   

This statement becomes evident in the windswept high desert images and portraits of coastal grasslands in Dennis Doyle’s photographs.  Each piece evokes long past memories of another time when life might have been less complicated yet more difficult. 

Born and raised in the Lake Tahoe area of Nevada in the 1950’s Dennis enjoyed a rural landscape where a growing boy could let his imagination run wild while traipsing through Nature's undisturbed landscape. In many ways Nature raised him to tell her story. 

Dennis’ father built custom homes, under this influence he was exposed early on to working with the natural elements; capturing dramatic angles for the best light and position the homes to take advantage of the surrounding natural contours of the forest.  A keen eye focused by sensitivity was the key to success. 

While still in his teens Dennis took a job developing forensic images for a small company that contracted with police departments in the area.  In those days photography, all film, was an expensive proposition to juggle in a teenage boy's budget, so photography, from an 'artistic' point of view, took a back seat in Dennis' first ride in life.

Later on, Dennis would loop back around and pick up photography in a serious way when he became friends with Frank Oz, famed for the Muppets and Star Wars franchises.  By this time digital photography had cleared the ground for its race to the top of popularity and affordability.  Dennis found himself attending an art-marketing seminar in Lake Tahoe where he met local photographer Susie Byrd.  

They hit it off and decided to share a booth at Arizona Fine Art Expo.  The rest, as they say, is history and Dennis has been back to the expo every year since. 

When asked about his inspiration Dennis replies, “I typically do not show photos of ‘nature’ I tend to capture images of ‘things’.” 

What inspiration there is in things is always a moving target. Some I just like, while others tell me an intense captivating story.”

Today, Dennis spends much of his time traveling with his RV as his moving studio.  He also maintains a studio at his home base in Northern Nevada, here he teaches classes, processes his work, and is a presenter with “Shooting The West” billed as
the largest photographer’s symposiums west of the Rockies.  Dennis' photographs can also be seen in national and international competitions, and he has won several awards over the years including first-place in the American Art Awards.  Dennis also participates as a judge for a number of high-level photography competitions.

Dennis describes himself as, “a photographer in my heart and soul.”  He also dabbles in writing short stories and poetry.  Harkening back to his roots as a custom homebuilder Dennis also builds all the custom frames for his images and creates the displays he uses during his exhibitions. 

Dennis Doyle’s photography is also represented by Desert Mountain Fine Art Gallery in Kierland Commons in North Scottsdale, www.desertmountainfineart.com.   Meet Dennis and view a selection of his latest images, now through March 25, at the Arizona Fine Art Expo.

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