Pictured: Peoria Police are seeking out more possible victims of sexual abuse linked to the arrest of this dental assistant, Oscar Castro.
Photo courtesy of the Peoria Police
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Peoria Police Seek Possible Sexual Abuse Victims


PEORIA – On March 8, Peoria Police Special Victim detectives arrested 41-year-old dental assistant Oscar Castro on 12 counts of sexual abuse, and he was booked into the Fourth Avenue Jail.

Two female victims have bravely come forward alleging Castro sexually abused them multiple times. 
This occurred in 2017 while the victims were being treated at a Peoria dental practice, according to police.

Castro has been employed as a dental assistant for about the past five years in dental practices in Peoria and Phoenix. 

Peoria Police are trying to determine if there are possibly more victims, please contact Detective Lisa Sherer, at 623-773-8038 if you want to come forward, or if you have any information.