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MCDOT gathering feedback for long-term transportation plan - No changes currently planned for Gavilan Peak/Daisy Mountain intersection

Elizabeth Medora ~ Staff~ 3/11/2015

ANTHEM – Concerned about traffic conditions in your neighborhood? MCDOT wants to hear from you. Residents’ feedback is being collected to update the transportation plan for Maricopa County’s side streets.

The Gavilan Peak/Daisy Mountain intersection has been the site of several serious collisions in recent weeks. The combination of rush-hour traffic and the blinding sun in the afternoon, among other factors, has prompted concern among local residents. A traffic safety change is not currently in the works for this intersection, but residents’ feedback will be evaluated and changes could be planned. MCDOT is currently updating the Transportation System Plan 2035, which is a long-range plan that considers what communities will be needing over the course of the next 20 years. MCDOT is encouraging local residents to share feedback on this intersection and other traffic issues.

“Right now, during our Transportation Plan update, is the perfect opportunity to provide comments and feedback through our interactive map online,” noted Perrine Mann, Public Information Officer at MCDOT. Mann added that the Gavilan Peak/Daisy Mountain intersection is part of the SMARTDrive technology testing.

This technology enables two-way communication between traffic control signals and emergency vehicles. According to MCDOT, SMARTDrive has the ability to selectively prioritize and notify all approaching emergency vehicles which vehicle has the right-of-way, significantly improving both intersection operation and safety. This unique system has garnered national interest, and research and development into it continue. MCDOT officials regularly visit the Gavilan Peak/Daisy Mountain intersection for further scoping of the SMARTDrive system. 

Mann encouraged anyone with comments on their local traffic conditions to put in a report through the MCDOT interactive transportation plan map at

“You can click on the interactive map and give feedback for traffic concerns,” Mann explained. “There’s also a ‘Get Involved’ tab that will show you all the ways you can get involved.”

Mann emphasized that residents’ feedback is crucial to updating the Transportation System Plan.

“This will help build future transportation plans,” Mann said.

See more about the Transportation System Plan and give feedback to MCDOT at


Three ways to get involved with the TSP Update

Go online to and:

Launch the interactive map
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