Pictured: Democratic nominee for Congressional District 8, Hiral Tipirneni(Left) Debbie Lesko (Right)
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Lesko and Tipirneni win primary special elections in Congressional District 8


Tara Alatorre
NEW RIVER – Former Sen. Debbie Lesko won the Republican nomination in the 8th Congressional District special primary elections defeating over 10 other Republican candidates in a highly contentious race to determine who will represent the West Valley in Congress. Political newcomer Hiral Tipirneni, had a clear victory winning over half of the democratic vote in the primary elections that took place on Tuesday, February 27.

Lesko and Tipirneni will now face each other in the special general elections that take place on April 24, to see who will replace the vacant seat that was occupied by former U.S. Rep. Trent Franks.  Franks resigned last December after allegations of sexual harassment surfaced against him, which alleged that he pressured two female staff members to carry his child. 

Lesko is heavily favored in the 8th Congressional District, which is conservative and has been occupied by a Republican since 2002.

According the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office, Lesko took about 35 percent of the Republican vote gaining more than 10 percentage points over her closest Republican opponents, Steve Montenegro, and Phil Lovas.  While, Tipirneni won with a 40 percent lead over her opponent Brianna Westbrook.

According the Maricopa County Recorder’s office 41 percent of total registered Republicans came out to vote during the primary special elections last Tuesday, while only 35 percent of registered Democrats turned out to cast their ballots.

District 8 voters need to register by March 26, to vote in the special general elections on April 24, and early ballots need to be mailed by March 28.

For more information on the elections or how to register to vote visit https://recorder.maricopa.gov.