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Around the Bluhmin’ Town


Now what? We watch with horror the news coverage of mass murders of school children and then with further disbelief the fall-out of blame, outrage, prayers, opinions, accusations, analysis and all manner of political warfare. Have an idea? A microphone? Then go ahead, tell us all why this is happening, how our culture is responsible, how this country has changed, how messed up we are and oh, don’t forget to blast all your thoughts on social media.
Have an opinion? Okay, tell the world. Have a solution? We are all waiting. No reasonable dialogue can ever be had with the pundits screaming, the fingers pointing and the anger mounting. We have reason to be angry. This shouldn’t be happening in the greatest country in the world. Our kids should have a safe haven in their schools, a place to go free of threat, with much less death. Yes, this is a tragedy.
Weeks like this weigh on all of us. We love our country, our communities, our children. So, we turn to God and ask, “Why?” and by the way, God, where the heck are you? Need a little help down here! A young girl in my church asked the minister if she should worry if she will die before God wants her. He said, “God never leaves your side and always wants you. Have no fear.”
Fear. I never thought about it too much, but now as I get older it is on my mind. Guess I am not alone. More people today are considering home schooling their kids, not venturing out into “crowded places” and avoiding “dangers” like shopping or eating out at night. Please say it isn’t so.
Psychologists say that when terror strikes, it helps to look for the goodness in our everyday life. The neighbor helping neighbor. People selflessly giving to those less fortunate. Caregivers who give their all to those who are ill and in need. First responders and law enforcement officers who put their own lives at risk to make our lives better. Teachers who help our kids learn, grow and achieve.
Seek out goodness. Like my neighbor’s chicken who found a litter of abandoned kittens and she sits on them all day. On a ranch nearby, a big rescue horse named Max was dejected and alone in his stall, until a little barn goat named Milly encouraged him to go out into the arena and walk with her every day. Birds fly thousands of miles just to grace our backyard birdfeeders. Life’s beauty surrounds us.
Coaches and parents spend hours teaching our kids how to throw or kick a ball. Communities organize festivals and events, to bring us together so we can celebrate life. Churches teach us love and inclusion. Sports activities push us to try. We are a country of fun-loving, God-fearing, strong, talented, divided, vocal and wonderful people. We disagree. We are passionate. We join forces. We want the best for one another.
And sometimes, in our darkest hours, we fight. We yell. We pray. But mostly, we help each other. Keep the faith.
Judy Bluhm is a writer and a local realtor. Have a story or a comment? Email Judy at