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North Valley Symphony Orchestra presenting ‘The Planets’

Staff~ 3/2/2015

PHOENIX – North Valley Symphony Orchestra is presenting its third orchestral performance of the 2014-15 season. The concert “The Planets” will be happening Saturday, March 14, 7 p.m. at North Canyon High School Auditorium, 1700 E. Union Hills Drive.

The concert includes a multi-media presentation of stunning photos taken of the planets by NASA during the entire seven movement suite of Holst’s The Planets. Additionally, in collaboration with the Challenger Space Center in Peoria, the lobby will feature a scale model display of the planets in our solar system – Jupiter is 16 feet in diameter! During an extended intermission, NVSO Music Director Kevin Kozacek will offer a ‘conductor’s chat’ explaining The Planets.

The concert will open with Liszt's Prometheus, a symphonic poem based on the Greek myth detailing the Titan Prometheus' theft of fire from the gods. In addition to the adult orchestra’s performances, NVSO is proud to feature the talented NVSO Youth Orchestra during the first half of the concert playing Soon Hee Newbold's Equuleus, and Sue Roberts’ The Pleiades.

“This concert is by far the most exciting event we’ve planned in our three-season existence,” says Kozacek.  “It will be a fulfilling evening for not only classical music lovers, but also for science-minded individuals and students who are interested in the planets in our solar system. Blending the music with a visual presentation will provide enjoyment for all audience members. Every piece
performed was carefully chosen to reflect the Greek mythology and astrological theme of the concert.”

NVSO ticket prices are $5 each concert. Purchase tickets at NVSO’s Web site, or reserve tickets at will-call by calling (623) 980-4628.