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Renovation in process at Desert Ridge Marketplace


Shea Stanfield
Arts Columnist

“Bring us your broken, rusted, worn out objects…”

Your trash may become your treasure, when given to one of three local artists: Vickie Morrow, Betsy Halford, or Jane Nassano. They invite you to attend their special exhibit, Re-use, Re-cycle…Re-Create at On the Edge Gallery in Old Town Scottsdale, Thursday March 16, from 6-9 p.m. Your trash gets you a raffle ticket that may win you a real artistic treasure!

Found object/assemblage artists, like the three featured in this show, revel in rescuing bits and pieces of objects no one would dream of reusing, in the belief that everything has artistic value, in one way or another. These ladies combine them, each with their own unique vision, perspective, and inspiration to produce two and three dimensional crazy, thought-provoking works of art sure to be conversation pieces for your home, garden, or office.

Artist Vicki Morrow sees things not for what they are (or were) but what they could be. She collects her materials from alleys, construction sites, and yard and estate sales. Vicki loves the found objects made in the USA; they give her pride in repurposing works of her fellow Americans. For her, making art is “very uplifting, especially if it can spark a memory or smile from the observer.” Vicki’s specialty is creating ceramic tiles and alters from her found “trash-stash.”

Artist Betsy Halford’s inspiration comes from her dreams and meditations. She is also influenced by current events around the world, as well as from her own life. According to Betsy, “There is an emotional thread woven throughout my pieces reflecting part of me.” Part of her process involves disassembling old or vintage items, repurposing obsolete parts by incorporating paint, wax, and other elements as required to bring the work “back to life” as an art object.

Artist Jane Nassano’s favorite place to gather found pieces for her art is to gather objects from the alleys and canals of her neighborhood. “I take my dogs for walks and spend most of the time looking at the ground, finding rusty bottle caps, broken pieces of glass, corroded metal, or items that have dropped out of people’s pockets. It is actually the objects themselves that ultimately define what the piece of art will become.”

All three artists invite you to bring your pieces of “whatever” to the show “happening” at On The Edge Gallery on March 16 between 6-9 p.m. In return you will enjoy demonstrations by all three-assemblage artists, refreshments, dozens of other artists’ works, and a chance to participate in a raffle that just might land you the ultimate original treasure. For information or questions, contact On The Edge Gallery at 

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