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A legacy of love: Family asks for donations to Anthem Pets in memory of Alex Powley


ANTHEM – Friends and family describe 22-year-old Alex Powley as a kind and gentle person, someone who had a zest for life and a love for animals. Alex was killed in a car accident in January 2016. His caring spirit remains, however: all his life, he cared for animals in need, and now his family has asked for donations to be made to Anthem Pets Animal Rescue in memory of Alex.  

Sharla Powley, Alex’s mom, is an Anthem resident and is president of The Wednesday Club. Through her work, Alex learned of the animal rescue organization Anthem Pets.

“Alex was very impressed with the work of Anthem Pets as he learned about them from a presentation Kelly Fontaine shared with The Wednesday Club of Anthem,” Sharla said in a message distributed by Anthem Pets regarding the donations. “In his words, "That is so cool Momma!" He would be so warmed in knowing he could help Anthem Pets in some way.”

Anthem Pets, a non-profit organization, is very grateful for the donations and offers their support to the Powley family.

“We are humbled by the generosity of the Powley family in this time of heartbreak,” Anthem Pets said in their weekly email newsletter.

Donations in Alex’s memory can be made online at or see the Anthem Pets Facebook page at for a link to the donation page. The Powley family is informed of all donations made in Alex’s name.

“Alex lived every day as if it were his last,” Sharla said. “He embraced new experiences, new friendships, new challenges, and led with a mesmerizing smile! He always had time to help a friend and never turned anybody away. His spirit was huge. He had a passion for his dogs. He helped rescue several dogs and kept two for his own. Thank you all for your heartfelt donations and caring thoughts of my sweet boy.”

Alex’s kind heart will always be remembered, and this legacy of love will continue to bless animals in need for years to come.