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Inspired Visions of the American Southwest


Shea Stanfield
Arts Columnist

American photographer Edward Weston wrote, “An excellent conception can be obscured by faulty technical execution or clarified by faultless technique.” Viewing the startlingly vivid and awe inspiring images of local photographer Gerry Groeber, there is no doubt he possesses a keen eye, inspired spirit, and impeccable compositional technique. Gerry’s astonishing American Southwest images have appeared in multiple magazines, including Modern Luxury Scottsdale, Outdoor Photographer, ShutterBug, Roar, and our local icon Arizona Highways, where Gerry landed the cover for the October 2016 issue. Regardless of his subject, his images captivate the imagination and sense of adventure for his viewers.

Growing up in sunny Southern California gave Gerry many opportunities to explore a vastly diverse landscape. He describes his father as an inspiration with the unique quality of balancing his scientific mind, as a doctor during the day, and his creative spirit by night as an artist. Gerry followed the creative path over the years, teaching music, painting, and photography. He describes that his “final focus” in recent years has been to specialize in photography with awe-inspiring results. Gerry’s primary image specialization is the American Southwest, Arizona in particular. The diversity of the Arizona landscapes provides an endless collection of dramatic, serene, inspiring, and eye-catching subjects.

Currently, Gerry is a contributing photographer to Arizona Highways Magazine, which he describes as keeping him plenty busy. Regardless of the demanding schedule keeping up with a world class publication, Gerry does make an effort to do several shows a year where he can expose his work to the broader public. He offers his photographs for purchase through his home gallery and webpage. A visit to Gerry’s webpage will convince you to make the effort to see his masterpieces in “real time” for yourself. Gerry’s goal is to create images of places, familiar and unfamiliar where his viewers can “get lost.” ┬áHe invites you to gaze toward the horizon’s fading shades an eternity away or follow that trail of vibrant fall leaves as they carry you into the long shadows of winter’s fading sunlit days.

As an award-winning photographer, Gerry describes his inspiration as, “The ability to capture an image God has put in front of you is an incredible gift.” Be it impeccable composition, skillful timing, or a master’s trained eye, Gerry Groeber’s images absolutely grab attention and invite contemplation. Telling a story with a photograph for Gerry happens because of all the influences he has experienced over the years, studying the work of great photographers, painters, and artists from around the world, all of it inspiring and thought-provoking.

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