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Cave Creek Council candidate Mike Durkin

Staff Report~ 2/18/2015

Current Cave Creek Councilmember Mike Durkin is looking beyond March’s election to Cave Creek’s future. He is especially focused on Cave Creek’s budget and financial responsibility.

“I want Cave Creek to remain the town it is now,” Durkin said. “To achieve that goal, we need to understand our future costs and plan accordingly.”

Durkin is one of four current members of the Cave Creek Council who is facing recall. He will be opposed by Mark Lipsky in the special mail-in election in March. This is Durkin’s first public office seat. He isn’t letting the recall hold him back from following up on his goals for Cave Creek’s future.

“Specifically, I intend to complete delivery of what I promised during the regular election,” Durkin noted. He encouraged residents to contact him at or (480) 440-5738 to provide input on what is needed.

Durkin cited his background experience for his position on the Council.

“Cave Creek needs proactive, engaged council members who understand the technical issues involved with operating a water and sewer system because these two entities comprise the vast majority of our debt and future financial responsibility,” Durkin said. “My engineering background and leadership skills are a perfect fit for our Town Council.”

Water and wastewater issues have been a recurring theme in Cave Creek recently. Durkin noted that “increasing the efficiency of our operations” is vital to Cave Creek’s welfare.

“It is clear to me that Cave Creek must be more financially responsible going forward,” Durkin emphasized. “We cannot repeat the mistakes of the past where we bought an over-valued water company and built an oversized sewer system. Most people are unaware that this council has overseen great strides in improving the operating efficiency of our water system. I want to note that the credit for implementing those improvements belongs to our new utilities manager and the excellent staff of the Water Advisory Committee.”

Durkin addressed the recall, referring to it as “the unfortunate result of wounded egos and misinformation.”

“I made it a point to reach out to those who signed my opponent’s petition to be on the ballot,” Durkin noted. “I wanted to know why they felt I had let them down. What I learned was that they have been misled by what they read.”

Asked what steps he feels are necessary to mend Cave Creek’s political rift, Durkin responded that he believes the “division you ask about is an artifact of the lies people are being fed. I believe this artifact will fade after the recall fails.”

“I believe once the recall fails, people will realize it was misguided and a more cooperative and inclusive atmosphere will prevail,” Durkin said.


Contact Mike Durkin at or (480) 440-5738.