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Cave Creek Council candidate Mark Lipsky

Staff Report~ 2/18/2015

Mark Lipsky is a relative newcomer to town politics. He notes that he has “had a desire to serve the people of Cave Creek since first arriving here in 2003.”

Lipsky is running against Councilman Mike Durkin in the March 10 special election. If elected to the Council, this would be the first position Lipsky, who has a business and marketing background, has held in town government.

“I think any intelligent person who can put the town ahead of personal agendas and biases, who genuinely loves and respects Cave Creek and its community, is qualified to serve,” said Lipsky, describing his qualifications for the position.

Lipsky’s stated plans for the Town of Cave Creek center around removing the councilmembers who are facing recall. Asked what his plans are for Cave Creek’s future if he is elected, Lipsky referenced “a fresh council.”

“First and foremost, I hope – expect really –that a fresh council filled with unselfish, fair-minded individuals will clear the dark cloud that’s hung over the town for the past 18 months and give people some honest hope for the future,” Lipsky stated. “That done, my priorities will be focused on open-space, road safety, greater community involvement in government, rethinking the town’s marketing strategy. I think that’s a pretty good start.”

Lipsky criticized the four councilmembers who are being recalled, saying they had “exploded an atom bomb on day one.”

“I think it’s clear by now to anyone who’s paid attention that the four members facing recall conspired well ahead of their taking office to impose their will on the town with zero concern for the health and well-being of Cave Creek,” Lipsky alleged.

Speaking in regards to the Council’s firing of former town manager Usama Abujbarah, Lipsky disagreed with the Council’s actions.

“They believed the town manager had done a bad job? Fine,” said Lipsky. “Act like responsible grown-ups. Don’t put the town at risk or tear the fabric of the community apart.”

When asked what he would do differently from the current Council, Lipsky said, “Pretty much everything.”

Addressing the political division in Cave Creek, Lipsky said, “The best first step would be seating a new council.”

Lipsky combined his beliefs on what is most vital for Cave Creek’s future with further censure of the sitting Council.

“I think the people who’ve run the town for the past 18 months – largely the council members facing recall – have no idea how distinctive and exceptional Cave Creek is,” Lipsky asserted, adding that he thinks “they feel an urgent need to out-Scottsdale Scottsdale.”

“What’s vital is to have a council that understands what makes Cave Creek Cave Creek and is determined and committed to preserving that magic,” Lipsky said.


Mark Lipsky can be contacted at or (480) 686-1166.