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Anthem artist shows work in Fine Art Expo
Marc Buckhout ~ Managing Editor ~ 2/10/2010

If the eyes are in fact the gateway to the soul Beth Hyatt-Rapp of Anthem figures one might as well take a good look and see what secrets can be obtained by peering through the gates.
A former model, Hyatt-Rapp now spends her time seeking out subjects rather than being one.
Whether it’s humans or animals, the painter, who is one of 100 artists participating in the Arizona Fine Art Expo, which runs through March, concentrates her efforts on capturing the various emotions expressed in faces, specifically the eyes.
“It’s amazing how one person can have so many faces which reveal so many different emotions about themselves,” she said. “With the animals I would really like to be able to read their minds sometimes. I think they’re much more intelligent that we realize.”
After spending time modeling in Chicago where she and a friend also ran a business called Model Image Center Inc., in which the two were consultants aiding clients develop their professional and personal images, Hyatt-Rapp turned to art upon moving to Arizona.
“Growing up I loved to draw,” she said. “It was always something I wanted to do, but I went to Chicago and got into modeling. Then I raised a family, but once I moved out here I pretty much spent my first three years doing nothing but drawing. I took some classes and loved it. I’m very fortunate.”
Using her camera to capture subject matter she then sketches items before painting using oils.
And while she attempts to accurately depict her subject with the drawings Hyatt-Rapp isn’t afraid to utilize creative license when it comes to the colors she paints with.
“I think of colors in hues,” she said. “I start the painting and I’ll start playing around with the color. I have a red and yellow buffalo I like quite a bit. Because of the lights and darks sometimes people won’t initially see the actual colors I’ve used because your mind will tell you what the right color is. It’s fun to watch them experience the paintings when they do see the colors I’ve actually used.”
The former Desert Hills resident, who has lived in Anthem for the past seven years, said that while she finds her human subjects all over the place she is a regular visitor at the Phoenix Zoo.
“I know the names of a lot of the animals I’m there so often,” she says with a laugh adding that going in the early morning is the best bet to see the animals being active. Hyatt-Rapp said she definitely has her favorites.
“Monkeys are very expressive and then giraffes are just so silly,” she said.
Having shown her work at various events around the Valley including Hidden in The Hills Hyatt-Rapp said the Arizona Fine Art Expo, held in big white tents at 26540 N. Scottsdale Road, is among her favorite.
“It’s a fabulous show,” she said. “I have my easel out here and I’m painting all day. I’m talking to patrons. They’ve got all sorts of great questions about what I do. I get to talk to the other artists. It’s like art camp for adults. Everyone is very happy for everyone else when somebody sells a piece. It’s a good atmosphere.”
The show, which started in mid January runs from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. daily through the end of March.
Hyatt-Rapp said she doesn’t know where her career as an artist will take her.
“I’ve only been doing it for about five years, but I’m having a lot of fun with it,” she said. “I’ve learned many things from a lot of fabulous artists. I want to keep on a steady pace, and don’t ever want to stop.”
Season passes to the expo cost $8. Admission for seniors and military is $7 while children 12 and under are free. Parking is also free.
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