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Voting in Anthem Board of Directors elections to begin Feb. 22


Elizabeth Medora

ANTHEM – Elections for the Anthem Community Council, Anthem Parkside Community Association, and the Anthem Country Club Community Association are currently underway, and voting will begin Feb. 22 and will conclude on March 17.

Meet the Candidates night for the Parkside Community Association and Community Council Boards will be held on Wednesday, Feb. 15, at the Anthem Civic Building, at 6:30 p.m. A Meet the Candidates night for the Anthem Country Club Board positions will be held on Feb. 16, 6:30 p.m., at the Ironwood Clubhouse.

One Parkside representative seat is opening on the Anthem Community Council Board of Directors. Current Director Tim Fyke is not seeking re-election to this board; Fyke is instead running for a seat on the Anthem Parkside Community Association Board of Directors. Candidates for the ACC Board Parkside seat include Dino Cotton, Bettye Ruff, and Frankie Ruiz.

Cotton, an Anthem resident since 2012, says in his candidate qualifications that he is a “cutting edge technologist with the understanding of where Anthem needs to be moving into 2020.”

“As an entrepreneur and business owner myself, I relate directly with our local businesses and seek to strengthen the Anthem economy continuing to make it an attractive place for families, businesses and snowbirds to migrate to, grow within and thrive throughout,” Cotton listed as his reasons for running for the board.

Ruff has served on the Parkside Community Association Board of Directors for over five years and is now seeking a seat on the ACC Board of Directors.

“A little over 12 years ago, I moved to Anthem Parkside and have grown to greatly appreciate this compassionate and diverse community. It is my pleasure to give back to the community by volunteering in its many non-profit organizations,” Ruff said in her candidate statement.

Frankie Ruiz owns a local business and is a member of multiple local community organizations.

“We are at a crucial time that Anthem is growing and strong leadership is needed to fulfill the mission of the council. I feel as a military veteran and business owner in Anthem, I possess these same qualities needed for this council and make a strong candidate,” Ruiz said in his candidate profile.

Also on the Anthem Community Council Board, one seat for an Anthem Country Club community representative is open. Current Board Vice President Roger Willis is running unopposed for this seat. Willis has served on multiple committees, including a Utilities Panel, and is also involved with north valley conservation efforts. In his candidate statement, Willis noted several key issues he wishes to continue focusing on as a board member, including Anthem’s financial health, the Council’s strategic priorities, and Anthem’s relationships with the surrounding communities.

Two seats are available on the Parkside Community Association Board of Directors, as current members Bettye Ruff and Loren Linscott are not seeking re-election. Three candidates are contending for the two seats: Tim Fyke, Ronald Jerich, and Sharilyn Miller.

Fyke has served on the ACC Board of Directors for six years and is now running for a spot on the Parkside board.

“I’ve always been involved in Anthem, from the Anthem Community Council, to coaching to various business organizations. Simply put, this community means the world to me,” Fyke wrote as his reasons for running for this seat.

Ronald Jerich listed his qualifications as past ACC Board experience and other community organizations.

“I provide management experience and extensive Anthem background, which will be invaluable to resolving Parkside Board issues. We must address odors from the water treatment facility, maintain the integrity of our neighborhoods and continually upgrade the appearance of our community… all the while controlling our HOA assessments,” Jerich listed as his reasons for running.

Sharilyn Miller listed experience with Neighborhood Watch, the Neighborhood Parks Committee, the Architectural Review Committee, and the Policy Committee among her qualifications. 

“I have a very good understanding of what our community is about, what the majority of residents want and I know that I can really make a difference,” Miler wrote in her candidate profile. “I enjoy working with residents, staff and Board members and feel that being a Board member is a very good way for me to serve my community.”

On the Anthem Country Club Community Association Board of Directors, current Board members Holly Matson and Joy Lovell are both running unopposed for re-election

Matson, who is the founder of non-profit community support organization Web for Hope and has volunteered with many community non-profits, noted that she has over 20 years’ experience in marketing, management, and operations.

“During my time on ACC and ACCCA Boards, I remained focused on improving resident experience, communication, process improvement, strategic planning and thoughtful budgeting. I would like to continue to serve my community and look out for the best interests of our residents,” Matson wrote as her reason for running.

Lovell is involved with multiple community organizations, including the Anthem Giving Circle, and has many years of experience in planning and development.

“As your ACCCA representative, I bring business experience and service to the community, and I will encourage the engagement of residents through open communication, positive interactions and involvement,” Lovell said in her candidate profile.

The winners of the elections will be announced on March 22. Elected Board members will take their seats at meetings in April.