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Gavilan Peak boys basketball team wins championship game


ANTHEM – The Gavilan Peak K-8 School boys basketball team finished off a stellar season with a championship win over Sierra Vista on Monday night.

The Gavilan Peak team has been unbeatable this season, with an 8-0 record of wins. In their last game before Monday’s championship, they beat Highland Lakes, securing their place in the division’s championship game, where they faced a familiar rival: Sierra Vista. They won the championship with a score of 39-36.

Team coach Mike Bulat credits the team’s success to their excellent teamwork.

“All the players worked as a team to achieve our goal of winning the division,” Bulat said.

This has been Bulat’s first season as Gavilan Peak boys basketball coach. He’s been working with assistant coaches Jeremy Powell and Jerry King.

Team members include eighth graders Braeden Roberts, Nick Howie, Anthony Forbes, Ryan Basford, Landon Mumford, and Tommy Miller; seventh graders Luke Bulat, Ryan Tsao, Brock Larson, Jack McFarland, and Tyler Powell; and developmental players Westin Jones, Jack Toomey, and Jason Bortobmeo.

The boys practiced with energy and focus, preparing for this championship game. Their coaches have been helping them hone their individual skills and coordinate those skills to create a single-minded, cooperative team. They helped prepare the boys for the big game by bringing in adult volunteers to practice for the height aspect, so the players could better prepare for playing against a team with a lot of tall players.

Bulat said of the best game the team played this season that “everything we’ve been pushing came together.” That’s definitely true for the championship game, when Gavilan Peak got to bring home the gold, celebrating their hard work, energy, and team cooperation that brought them to this win.